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Why Smart Books

We firmly feel that books are the best thing you can give to a child. Every book has a unique way of nurturing the curiosity of the learner, whether a child first touches or feels a book by writing on it. Every book benefits children in an unique way and contributes to overall learning experience. A reason why we meticulously select our book pairings with this one goal in mind, ensuring active learning in young children.

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Sustainable Education

The 2030 Goal for Sustainable Development, adopted by India in 2015, reflects the global education development agenda and aims to "provide inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone" by the year 2030. We aim to provide the best educational books and teaching aids to accomplish this goal.

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Best NEP Books Material

One of our specialties is children's literature. For every children's book we publish, we exclusively use the best colour printers. Further, to make a robust book for kids, we focus on selecting the highest quality of paper and binding. We also offer a range of trim sizes available to cater specifically to children's books.

Affordable Pricing
Affordable Pricing

To make books that are more durable smyth-sewn bindings. Additionally, a high quality finish is always incorporated in a book's cover since this increases the longevity of the published books. We use CMYK colours as they are very effective at producing colorful visuals for children’s books at a very affordable price.


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About Us

Smart Books stand out as a remarkable educational resource, offering authentic, NCERT-referred materials designed to transform learning into an engaging and enjoyable experience for children. One of the standout features of Smart Books is their innovative and interactive pedagogy, carefully crafted to captivate the attention of young minds and stimulate their curiosity.

Research has shown that the learning environment significantly influences brain development, especially during the formative years of early childhood. Smart Books recognize this critical period and have developed a flexible methodology that adapts to the unique needs of toddlers. By creating a dynamic and stimulating learning environment, they facilitate not only academic growth but also emotional and cognitive development.

The experts behind Smart Books have curated a curriculum that seamlessly integrates play-based learning, hands-on activities, and multimedia resources to cater to diverse learning styles. Through interactive exercises, colorful illustrations, and engaging narratives, Smart Books encourage children to actively participate in their own learning journey, fostering a sense of agency and self-discovery.

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Recent NEP Books Samples

All In One
All In One

All In One books offer a comprehensive solution for students, covering multiple subjects in a single volume, simplifying study routines and enhancing academic performance.

Akshar Gyan
Akshar Gyan

Akshar Gyan book revolutionizes early literacy with its intuitive approach, providing young learners with foundational skills for language acquisition and communication.

Maths Pre Prime
Maths Pre Prime

Maths Pre Prime redefines math education, establishing strong fundamentals with engaging content and interactive exercises, enhancing learning for young students.

Picture Dictionary
Picture Dictionary

Picture Dictionary books redefine language learning with visual aids, pairing colorful illustrations with clear definitions to enrich vocabulary and comprehension skills effectively.