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Why Smart Books

We firmly feel that books are the best thing you can give to a child. Every book has a unique way of nurturing the curiosity of the learner, whether a child first touches or feels a book by writing on it. Every book benefits children in an unique way and contributes to overall learning experience. A reason why we meticulously select our book pairings with this one goal in mind, ensuring active learning in young children.

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Sustainable Education

The 2030 Goal for Sustainable Development, adopted by India in 2015, reflects the global education development agenda and aims to "provide inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for everyone" by the year 2030. We aim to provide the best educational books and teaching aids to accomplish this goal.

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Best NEP Books Material

One of our specialties is children's literature. For every children's book we publish, we exclusively use the best colour printers. Further, to make a robust book for kids, we focus on selecting the highest quality of paper and binding. We also offer a range of trim sizes available to cater specifically to children's books.

Affordable Pricing
Affordable Pricing

To make books that are more durable smyth-sewn bindings. Additionally, a high quality finish is always incorporated in a book's cover since this increases the longevity of the published books. We use CMYK colours as they are very effective at producing colorful visuals for children’s books at a very affordable price.


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Smart books are authentic, NCERT referred and instant learning books which will make learning fun for your child. Below are given the reasons for each grade explaining why smart books are really smart.

Smart Books have created the most interesting and interactive pedagogy to engage those young minds. Learning environment can impact a development of a brain, and thus the flexible methodology of learning created by our experts will help the toddlers to introspect themselves in a better way.

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