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Smart books are authentic, NCERT referred and instant learning books which will make learning fun for your child. Below are given the reasons for each grade explaining why smart books are really smart.

Nursery School

Smart Books have created the most interesting and interactive pedagogy to engage those young minds. Learning environment can impact a development of a brain, and thus the flexible methodology of learning created by our experts will help the tea toddlers to introspect themselves in a better way.

Kindergarten Junior

Absolute smooth, easily retaining and logical learning will be provided to the kids to help developing their curious minds. The smart books activities will help the child to elevate the ability of standing confidently in front of other children and speaking on any topic – a favorite game or summer vacation. The customize approach as per child’s style of learning make Smart books a stand-out platform for learning.

Junior 2nd Standard

The expose to simple vocabulary words takes place at 2nd standard learning process. To develop intellectual and cognitive skills of a child, the use of crosswords, puzzles, word-scrambles, like activities are given. This will help them to add up new words on the daily basis in their vocabulary dictionary.

Junior 1st Standard

The learning which child has reinforced in previous sections will help the child to facilitate 1st standard with an ease. The level of activities in smart books will be little upgraded. They are mostly based on cognitive methods as building reading skills is an essential part of first grade’s learning.

Junior 3rd Standard

The focus of smart book is all on the subjects which is required for the development of kids but mainly on the language skills. The activities include essay writing, matching exercises, problem solving with the addition of social learning. This will slowly and steadily strengthen the concepts of kids which will further help them to retain difficult problems.

Upper 4th Standard

In this class, child is considered mature and ready for facing the difficult levels of education at some extent. The focus of smart book will be on strengthening writing and understanding skills as this will going to help him further.

Upper 5th Standard

From learning about our solar system, solving multiplication and divisional sums to know about our body involves the course of 5th standard. We mainly emphasize on making the difficult lessons to grasp easily for kids whilst providing short tricks which can help them understand better.

Upper 6th Standard

The activities are based on deep learning of all subjects yet presented in a fun manner as 6th class is the base of other upper classes. The repetition of mathematical problems reformulated every time is enough for the child to practice and reinforce.

Upper 7th Standard

The introduction to new subjects and chapters might puzzle their young mind; yet practicing the activities given in smart books will help them to go easy. The questions given in the books will not only engage your brain, it will help in broadening their mindset at such an early age.

Upper 8th Standard

A strategic planning is required to crack this grade as for a child, it is an introduction to loads of new things and for that you would need to invest great time. Following the activities of our smart book consistently can provide you instant results.